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Pleasure Tours

Pleasure Tours

Himalayan Odysseys

The Himalayas are the world’s highest mountain ranges. Beautiful valleys offer spectacular views of green meadows overflowing with flowers, clear lakes reflecting the blue skies above, lush dark green forests, rippling rivers with silvery streaks and snowcapped mountains brushed by the clouds.

The picturesque Kullu Valley, the valley of Kashmir, and the Kathmandu valley are all in the Himalayas. They are so vast that they encompass the regions of Himachal Pradesh – the land of eternal snow, Jammu & Kashmir – the paradise on earth, and Ladakh – the land of High Passes. Visit the Himalayas and experience remote hill stations and unique floral and fauna systems which thrive in protections of the folds of Himalayan mountains and thus have been preserved from the onslaught of modernization. Come discover the great mystical Himalayas with us.

North India

Delhi is the capital on India and consists of two parts the old and the new. Old Delhi was the capital of Muslim Indian and New Delhi, the imperial city created as the capital of India by the British. It is the hub of the North Indian travel network. A gateway to visit one of the eight wonders of the world – The Taj Mahal in Agra and described as the the most extravagant monument ever built for love. Also in the same state as the Taj Mahal is Varanasi, the city of Siva, on the banks of the Sacred Ganges and regarded as one of the Holiest places in India. It is magical place where the most ultimate rituals of life and death take place.


The land of the Kings, in North India at its exotic and colorful best and must be visited. There are grand palaces and mighty forts dotted throughout the state alongside vast bewitching deserts in the North. The grandeur of Rajasthan is and experience that long haunts the memories who visit this exotic wonderland.

South India

South India is world renowned for its natural attractions and superb historical architecture. It appeals equally to temple lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, trekkers and sun seekers. Mumbai – the industrial capital, is India’s most cosmopolitan city is home to the Indian Film Industry or Bollywood. From here one heads south to the beaches of Goa or South East to Pune and its famous ashram of Osho. On the north-east are the world heritage Love Temples of Khajuraho, the caves of Ajanta and Ellora.

Further south is Kerala dominated with backwaters, which is the water from the seas flowing backwards into the land and it presents one of the most amazing experiences ever. The landscape is dominates by rice-fields, mango and cashew nut trees and above all the wonderful coconut palms. Fringing on the coast are the backwaters a unique network of lakes, lagoons, canals and rivers. Karnataka formerly known as Mysore has a rich history and a great architectural legacy. Beautiful ruins and cave temples express the multitude of religions, cultures and kingdoms that have unrolled across Karnataka’s terrain.

Exotic Locations

India has some of the most exotic locations in the world. Its beaches rival those of the Caribbean and South East Asia. Goa – the traveler’s paradise, is world famous for it s magnificent palm fringed beaches. The people of Goa are warm and display am easy – going tropical indulgence, humor and activity. The beaches of Kerala, Cochin Trivandurm have been described as the best and the most picturesque in India. One can experience sun, surf and sea food all year around. The richly forested tropical islands of Andaman and Nicobar islands, only recently inhabited by tribes are surrounded by coral reefs, and have white sandy beached and incredibly clear waters – the perfect tropical paradise.