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India Tours

The land which has undoubtedly its own way of life; the land that showcases the scintillating part of natural beauty, majestic culture, ancient heritage and grand wildlife; India invites all for a tremendous classical tour at its variant location for various purposes and for different reasons for celebration.

The country which is full of differences and with the most alluring tour operating services we are ready to assist you to recognize and respect those differences and versatility in a grand and royal manner.

From Northern Himalayas to Southern beaches, Eastern jungles to Western deserts, India is flourished with so many cultural and geographical diversities, a perfect reason for India tourism. There is simply no other words that catch the true enigma of this land where great legends still holds its power and impression, the grand architectural structures are the true reflector of history and the life of the spirit can be sacredly glimpsed at different temples and pilgrimage sites at its every corner.

India is definitely the land of dreams and fantasy and people visiting this incredible land wish to come again and again and experience the true glory of the nation.

Honeymoon Packages

A honeymoon is truly an occasion to celebrate!For modern brides and grooms, a contemporary honeymoon is expected to involve seclusion, romance, tenderness, and possibly an exotic holiday location with full of security.We have a very good knowledge of Hotels, Car Rentals throughout the nation and abroad. Based on our knowledge and experience we have created attractive honeymoon packages for you with real level excellent services and still in your budget.The literal interpretation of the term honeymoon as “the sweetest of times” has certainly not lost its original meaning. Just mention the word “honeymoon” and watch even the most cynical person go all misty eyed with remembrance. Our exotic Honeymoon packages are designed and destined to gift you unforgettable precious moments!

Pleasure Tours

pleasure-tourSunny Holidays offers a large variety of pleasure tours. With some of the world’s highest peaks, and some of the world’s most photographed mountain ranges, we offers a unique opportunity to see and experience the Himalayas, North India, Rajasthan, South India & Exotic locations.

Pilgrimages Tours

Pilgrimage is a journey made to a place of religious and spiritual importance. Since forever, the word “yatra” has been associated with such visits to holy sites in India. Sunny Holidays is committed to help you plan and book your Pilgrimage at the best prices for all religious pilgrimage destinations. Do take a look at our wide array of pilgrimage packages, and feel free to call or email us. We’d be glad to assist you in all your pilgrimage travel needs.

Adventure Tours

We help you select the trip that suits your needs and your style be it a relaxed cultural trek, a demanding trek or climb in the Himalaya, a first descent of a raging river or all of the above. If you are flexible and love adventure, discover India’s rugged and unforgettable frontier. We explore areas untouched by other groups. We will provide you with the information you need to make the most of your adventure, and will look after all logistical details.

Cultural Tours

India cultural tours take you through so many periods of history and heritage. From the colonial tea plantations and hill towns, to a world of Maharana and Maharajahs. The other major architectural influences are from the Mughal period, the most famous being the Taj Mahal. For Buddhist influences, head to Ladakh and for the finest Hindu temples, Tamil Nadu is an unexpected treat.

Education Tours

We have been providing educational tours and packages for school and college students in India and abroad for a long time now, whether organised on a national or an international level. We always abide by the security norms and provide our packages and educational tours depending on the number of candidates and the purpose of their tour. Managing such tours and packages is quite challenging but through our persistent efforts, we have been able to dictate it in such a manner that the area of educational tours and packages in India and abroad has become one of our specialised services.