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About Us

About Us

Sun never sets! We at “Sunny Holidays” take inspiration from it and are always on our toes to bring total satisfaction to our clients.

With the help of the highly qualified, experienced and motivated team of personnel, with a sole aim to provide best services, looking after all the special needs of our clients, trying our best to keep the costs economical and competitive without any compromise in the quality of services.

Package Tour Services:

International Tours: Group tours for Europe, America and other parts of the world specially offered by companies like Club 7, Trafallger, and other companies. For tailor made packages we have our own network and customized packages.

Adventure Tours: Trekking, camping, white water rafting, jeep safari, snow skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, camel safari, cycling, paragliding etc.

Domestic Tours & Inbound Tours in INDIA: Ready made or tailor made packages for any were in India.

Hotel Booking & Ticketing Services:

  • Hotel Bookings (any were in the world)
  • Air Ticketing, both domestic and International sectors.

Transport Services:

  • Cars and buses on hire.

Visa / Passport services:

  • Visa consultancy and passport services.

Money Transfer:

  • We are approved agents of Western Union for money transfer any were in the world.

We look forward for your requirements and assure you of our best and prompt services always.